Greetings from the National Association of Barber Boards of America

“Progress Through Unity of Effort”

The 92th Annual Barber Board Conference will be held in Kansas City, Missouri, September 15-20, 2018. The 91st annual conference in South Carolina was very successful and resulted in the revision and implementation of our updated By-Laws. As your 2017-2018 president of the NABBA, I am committed to promoting unity within the barbering profession and to provide continuing education opportunities for the advancement of our trade.

It is my mission to build on the positive outcomes initiated by my predecessors and to enhance collaboration between the NABBA , state barber boards, and barbers in the field. To this end, we will strive to increase communications through our website and social media platforms as we build on the saying that “knowledge is power”.

I believe the integrity of the profession and our legacy hinges on providing a foundation of education, experience and skill that stresses traditional lessons in the core values of morals, character, and ethics as a pathway for empowering future professionals. As an association, it is our responsibility and promise to work collaboratively with our member states to develop proactive strategies toward the achievement of our individual state and collective goals.

I look forward to this year’s conference and working with each of you. Let us come together and focus our objectives on improving our profession through a dedicated unity of effort. It is my goal to promote a stronger NABBA by reaching out to all barbers nationwide so we can hear their voices. Let’s get excited about the 2018 Conference! Please join us!

Sondra Clark

NABBA President

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